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Arthroscopy surgeon

Arthroscopy is a method for analyzing and treating joint problems. This surgery is typically done on an outpatient basis, meaning a patient can go home after the surgery.

Dr. Chirag Patel have 9 years of experience in Arthroscopy Surgeon in Vadodara.

This surgery can basically be performed on Below joints. 

Best Arthroscopy Surgeon in Vadodara

Pre-Care for the Arthroscopy

Prior to have the surgery, please remember to inform your doctor about any medications or vitamins being consumed by you. This will help the doctor to understand your adaptability and will give you the supplements accordingly. The treatment would be continue by keeping in mind the existing medication to avoid any other reaction.

A night before the surgery, a patient should not eat or drink, unless the doctor gives the permission. There would be some soapy sponges, which would be provided to the patient before the surgery for the knees. Dr. Chirag Patel, the best Arthroscopy Surgeon in Vadodara and they have got all the facilities to perform the surgery in the best possible way.

Procedure for Arthroscopy

While having surgery, a tool known as Arthroscopy, will be inserted in the joint through small cuts to check the seriousness of the damage. By, conducting this investigation, the surgery can also help in curing several injuries during the procedure.

This procedure is performed with the help of anesthesia, which will depend on the type of joint operated on. There can be different anesthesia, which can either make the area numb or can be given in spine or it can also be general anesthesia, where this time the patient would be sleeping.

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operative management

It is type of key hole surgery where we use camera for the visualization of the joint from inside through small incision.

we use specialized latest and advance 4k camera system for excellent visual images, highest grade arthroscope and sheaths and other high end instruments for the arthroscopy surgery.  Our surgeons are trained nationally and internationally for the knee , shoulder, ankle ,elbow and wrist arthroscopic surgeries. They have provided excellent results using their expertise in the arthroscopic surgery.

Arthroscopic surgery results in small incision, less blood loss, shorter hospital stay, faster recovery and rehabilitation and early return to routine life and sports activity.

With latest advances majority of the sports injury that results in tendon ,ligament or cartilage damage inside the joint  can be treated with arthroscopy.