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The hip is a ball-and-socket joint. This type of joint allows a good range of movement in any direction.

The ball of the hip joint is known as the femoral head, and is located at the top of the thigh bone (the femur). This rotates within a hollow, or socket, in the pelvis, called the acetabulum.

Hip replacement surgery involves removing parts of the hip joint that are causing problems – usually the ball and socket – and replacing them with new parts made from metal, plastic or ceramic. 

Many thousands of people have hip replacement surgery each year. It usually brings great benefits in terms of reduced pain, improved mobility and a better quality of life.


  • It is the replacement of half of the hip joint only that is femoral head (ball) with femur stem.
  • Surgical steps includes open the hip joint and femoral head is removed. Femur shaft is prepared. Metal stem with ball is inserted and hip joint is reduced.
  • Common indication – fracture around hip joint and rarely hip arthritis in less active patient.
  • Types – cemented and uncemented, modular, unipolar or bipolar
  • Postop advice – patient can walk with support from the next day. Full recovery may require 3-4 months duration. Patient is advised to avoid jumping, squatting and sitting cross leg.

Total hip replacement

  • It is the replacement of femoral head (ball) and resurfacing of acetabulam(socket). Surgical steps are same as hemiarthroplasty with additional socket preparation and resurfacing.
  • It has 3 component femur stem with head (inserted in the thighbone) ,acetabular cup (resurface the acetabulam socket) and liner component (articulate other two component). Stems and cups are available in different size , length and diameter.
  • Indication – osteoarthritis of hip joint, avascular necrosis, fracture around the hip joint, congenital dislocation of hip, infection, inflammatory arthritis, failed fracture fixation.